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Our Name:

Webster's Dictionary states:

  • Legend:  A story or body of stories handed down for generations and popularity believed to have a historical basis
  • Legendary:  Based on or presented in Legends

Thus the name of our club, Highway Legends.  From antique automobiles, trucks and bikes to the muscle car age of yesterday, to today and tomorrow.  There have always been legends on the road.  Some for reliability, some not.   Some for awesome horsepower and torque to low production numbers.  And some may become a legend because you thought it was special and made it so.

Our Mission Statement:
  • To provide an opportunity for enthusiasts to meet, share ideas, show their rides
  • To share the hobby with the next generations
  • To provide a family atmosphere of fun
  • To provide an opportunity for existing car, truck and bike clubs to come together with "Highway Legends" while maintaining their own identity
  • To provide an opportunity for non-owners to participate in all club activities
  • To adopt a kid and introduce them to the car hobby

Activities include cruises, parades, visits to car museums, show 'n shine, driving contest, picnics, teen events, charity events, classes on a variety of automotive interests and swap meets for exchange of parts, information and sale of vehicles.



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