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Ron Mitchell was the founder of the Highway Legends Car Club.  He and his fiancé, Nickie Neil, were very proud of his 1982 Camaro Indy 500 Pace Car Edition.  We lost Ron on August 26, 2011.  His memory is still with us today.  This Camaro is now owned by his son, Mike.


Chevrolet has had the privilege of pacing the Indianapolis 500 race, held in May several times. Camaro has honors of pacing in 1967, 1969, 1982, 1993 and Ron believed that the new Camaro will be on that list.

Ron was the third owner of this 1982 Indy Camaro. He found the original build sheet under the rear seat. It was sold at Mitchell Chevrolet in Chicago, Ill. (No relation) (or?)  There is a good chance of it being at the 1982 500 race as a celebrity or dignitary car. After track use they were sold to dealers and then to the public. The original pace car that provided track duties is at the Indianapolis museum. Ron saw it there.

In 1982 the Z28 Camaro was labeled the best handling car in America. Car magazines called it a poor man's Ferrari. Down on horse power because of intrusive government regulations but driving and handling is great.  This Z28 Indy, which is now owned by Ron's son, Mike, has the optional twin fuel injected Lu5, 5.0 liter, V8 and functional hood scoop. Six thousand three hundred sixty (6,360) were sold. Of those sold, buyers could purchase options. One option this one has is the "T" tops and Ron loved them. As Ron said, "the condition of the car is not perfect much like its owner!"


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